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jextron ware

JEXTRON WARE provides a wide range of hardware and software solutions that support businesses to manage the business operations efficiently and securely with the best practices by Jextron experts.

Software & hardware supply

We supply various brands of hardware from IT Gadgets to Enterprise Infrastructure; We are also authorized software reseller for Microsoft, Adobe, Kaspersky, SketchUp and etc. Apart from software licensing, we have our in-house professionals who can provide software integration and consultation based on your business requirements to optimize the IT resources and investment.

IT Gadgets

IT Infrastructures

IT Application

maintenance & services


Laptop Hinge Repair

You can take it to us for evaluate the damage and whether the screen's connections sustained any significant damage as a result of the hinge break.

PC/LAPTOP Maintenance

We have pc/laptop maintenance services such as regular cleanings,hard drive updates and virus prevention.


PC/LAPTOP Motherboard Repair

We provide motherboard repair services for crashed and faulty laptops and personal computers (PC). Motherboards are the most complex of all computer components, and the most important for the operation of the entire machine. It is for this reason that it is particularly important to ensure that any damage to a motherboard is repaired in a timely manner.


Laptop Monitor Repair

The most important component to a laptop is the laptop monitor, it is mainly responsible to show you the inputs but most often, the owner will have to face a failing screen or monitor get cracked accidently. We can assess, diagnose, replace and resolve your laptop screen replacement problems .

Hard Disk Diagnostics Report

This hard disk diagnostic report wll show evidence of impending mechanical failure, and can also tell you if a recent bump or power failure has created any potentially harmful hard disk errors.