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jextron block

JEXTRON BLOCK focuses on Cybersecurity Preventive Solutions that enhance business data protection with multi-layer security to control the risk from virus attacks. We provide comprehensive solutions and services that target email phishing, network attacks, data encryption attacks, user awareness, and etc.

Firewall & Antivirus

We will help protect your enviroment from hacker attacks or virus attacks by deploying firewall and antivirus software in your enviroment.

firewall and antivirus

Email Antispam

Is a service that complements an existing email filter in order to increase its spam detection rates.

email antispam

Web / App Filtering

We can prevent users from visiting websites likely to contain threats and prevent files being downloading that typically contain malware.

web/app filtering

User access control (UAC)

We provide data security protection by control users permissions to access important data or folders in servers.By this process users only able to access their dedicated private folders.

user access

Enhance Security

We can provide security services such as data security , software security and more to enhance security.

cybersecurity Awareness Training

We can help you improve cyber resilience to minimize security incidents and unforeseen costs.

cybersecurity awareness training